Australian High Commission
Responsibility for Bermuda

PC8 Child Cover Sheet

Child Renewal - Application for an Australian Passport Overseas - Form PC8 - Cover Sheet

  Complete your application barcode number/s                  
 111 -
 You must be able to answer YES to questions 1-15.
  1.  APPLICATION FORM:  bottom of pages are not cut off - compare printed form to form onscreen.
  2.  I am sending the application/s to the correct lodging office.
  3. PARENTS:  Parents’ current names are written in Sections 13B and 14B.
  4. Both parents have signed/dated in Section 15 - DD/MM/YYYY – with no corrections or alterations. Witness is not
      related to the child or living in same household. Parents cannot witness each other.
  5. One parent has signed and dated in Section 17 – DD/MM/YYYY – with no corrections or alterations.
  6. Both parents have included a photocopy of their government-issued photo ID and proof of address.


  7. CHILD:  child is aged 15 or younger and is renewing an Australian passport.


  8. If aged 10 years or older, child has signed at Section 18 – child signature does not touch box border.


  9. PHOTOS: I have included two identical Australian standard passport photos.


  10. Where did you get your passport photos? 

  • photos from pharmacies and department stores are poor quality and generally not accepted.


  11. Guarantor wrote on back of one photo: “This is a true photo of [Child’s name]” and signed underneath.


  12. No ink is smudged on the face side of photos.


  13. Photos are protected in a separate envelope or plastic sleeve. Do not attach photos to forms.
        No paper clips, tape, or staples.


  14. PAYMENT:  I have included a completed credit card authorisation form.


  15.  COVER SHEET: I have printed and am including this completed cover sheet.


  IMPORTANT: If you did not answer YES to all the above, please re-print your application and start again.

 Travel:  If child has upcoming travel, please provide dates.


 Do you intend to use your child’s current passport for upcoming travel? If yes, print and include itinerary.


 Is child’s travel within the next 3 weeks? If yes, you may need an emergency passport.

 Include your itinerary and clearly label the outside of your envelope with: “Emergency Passport”.


   IMPORTANT: Do NOT send child’s passport or any other original documents with your application.