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Education Partnerships and Scholarships

Partnerships and Scholarships

Institutional Partnerships and Collaborations

There are multiple formal and informal agreements between Canadian and Australian universities. The majority of partnerships include research and academic collaboration in areas from medicine to law and applied mathematics.

Australian and Canadian universities have benefitted in many ways from such initiatives. For example, the University of Newcastle and the University of Calgary successfully applied for a Discovery Project Grant from the Australian Research Council, while the University of Canberra and Trent University received a Social Science and Humanities Research Grant from the Canadian Government to support their studies in social and cultural anthropology.

Partnerships include PhD and student visits, individual researchers, co-publication by professors and collaboration between staff to develop formal international student exchange programs.

Funding opportunities

A wide range of funding is available from the Australian and Canadian governments to support institutional partnerships and research collaborations between Australia and Canada.

Canadian Funding Opportunities for Collaborative Research (PDF)

Australia-Canada Scholarships Funding (PDF)

Alumni networks

The High Commission is interested in hearing from Canadians who graduated from Australian tertiary institutions. We are compiling a register of alumni who are interested in receiving news of Australia and in being invited to special events.
Canadian alumni of Australian universities